Peep’s Shoulder

"Peep" is a canine agility superstar who came up lame during training for the AKC World Team Tryouts. When the cause of his pain couldn't be determined by local vets, his owner turned to a team of specialists, including Dr. Leonda Armstrong of 4Paws for...

Chandler and Me

Now that Chandler, my husband, and I, are 9 ½ months past our surgery experience, I can say I am happy with the outcome. It is important to note we are still working towards the ultimate goal of letting Chandler run the 2 ½ acres we own.  I can also say though that the burden of worry is gone now because our life is basically back to normal around here.  So even if we have to make a few adjustments to meet Chandlers needs by keeping him on a leash when going beyond his smaller doggie yard outside, that is OK.  The positive gain from this experience is more in the forefront of my mind now.  I know Chandler is no longer  living with the pain he had in his knee.  We can put him in our car to travel and visit family worry free.  The option of boarding him with someone is now open to us because he does not need special care for a lame leg.  The IF factor in our lives is also gone.  You know that constant wondering and issue, IF, we had only done something to give Chandler and us a chance to make life better.  Do understand this has been a journey of challenging experiences of which I would not find  pleasant to repeat.  Only because it is timely and takes dedication.  But I can truly say that I think we made the right choice in going ahead with this surgery  and rehabilitation because right now, we are all OK.